What is age?

So what is age? I’m a mere 19 days from turning 30 and I couldn’t be happier. The funny part is that everyone around me keeps consoling me with, “Don’t worry, the 30’s are great!” as if that is some consolation prize for leaving my 20’s.

Frankly, I’m thrilled to leave the 20’s behind. They were a mess and an adventure and a blast, but I’m never one to look back. I don’t long for the days of high school or college, or any other time. I prefer to look ahead and imagine the outstanding future that is to come.

It made me wonder why people are so concerned about turning 30? Is it regret for lost dreams? People! We are only 30! Look at Paula Deen, she didn’t make it big until her 60’s! Relax already. Is it that we didn’t turn out as we had hoped? Well, that implies that we have now grown up and we are done! I’m a work in progress and happy to be such! I will be growing every day of my life, changing and learning and I’m cool with it!

I never had a 100% clear picture of what 30 would look like, but I feel incredibly blessed and surprised to be at this place in my life. Everything is perfect! Not because I have everything I every wanted, but because my life is what it is and for that I am grateful! A little too far in the clouds for you? Ok. Lets just say, “Life is beautiful.”

So, if you see me between now and my 30th birthday, don’t console me, congratulate me! I’ve made it to 30 in one piece! That is a feat and now life keeps getting better and better and better.


About achievemoore

Jimmy Moore is a unique, entertaining and truly life-changing professional speaker. But this wasn't always the case! After the loss of his father to suicide, ten-year-old Jimmy was so shy and insecure that he would begin to shake uncontrollably at the thought of getting up in front of people. Later, finding incredible power and comfort in the theater, he knew he must find a way to be on that stage. Jimmy combines his own life experiences and passions for education and inspiration through performance to effectively move audiences to a new level of personal motivation, professional proficiency, and achievement. Being orphaned at age 16, dealing with addiction, and literally running for his life in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jimmy has a tale unlike many others. Being faced with great tragedy and triumph, Jimmy's passion for motivating and inspiring others to reach and surpass their potential has become his personal mission. With a portfolio that includes: a Bachelors in communication, a Masters in Higher Education Administration, and professional experience as an actor in New York City, a top sales associate, a personal success teacher, and a university administrator, Jimmy sends the message of his story and life's lessons in a knowledgeable and powerful way. He is recognized by professionals around the country as a powerful speaker with a unique talent.
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One Response to What is age?

  1. jthomason says:

    You’re so right! I’m happier at 27 than I was at 17 and I believe I’ll be happier at 37 than I am today! We live in a culture that is terrified of aging. I think it might have to do with how superficial our world can be and the determination to stay young forever! I’m so proud of you and everything you’ve achieved since I met you! I can’t wait to see what you do with your 30’s! There is so much future ahead of us.

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