Are you Moody?

I was sitting here looking at the very gray sky and feeling the chill in the air and to be fair its only 65 degrees. I realize this is not a tundra, but I do realize that being a Florida man has spoiled me. This eather puts me in a foul mood, just kinda dim. That is until I realized that I was letting the weather affect my mood and I, being a stubborn man refuse to let it happen. I actually have a choice in my mood. However, there is no magic pill that will just change my mood… well there probably is, but that path no longer suits me.

5 Ways to Change your mood instantly!

1. Move your body! Research shows us that our emotions are tied in heavily with our physicality. If you are slumped over, breathing shallow and looking down for much of the time, chances are you will feel, well, down.

2. Change your scene. If you are down and want to be up. Get yourself in an environment full of life and energy. My office tends to be quiet and gray at times so I step out and walk on campus where there is often so much energy that it changes my state.

3. Watch this video (it works every time for me):

4. Music Rocks! Some music that makes you want to move a little will change your mood almost instantly. And you can’t help it cause you know you start dancing when she says, “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it. Oh oh oh!” Pick a song that works for you.

5. Water and Oxygen! The two things we need most other than food will actually change your state by giving you the energy and alertness that comes along with being hydrated and oxidated. More is better in this case!

Remember of course that these are suggestions to help you change your state if you are in a bad mood and want to get in a good one. Sometimes we are in a bad mood and just wanna stay there. Thats fine too… just keep it to yourself, don’t be spreading that disease! 🙂



About achievemoore

Jimmy Moore is a unique, entertaining and truly life-changing professional speaker. But this wasn't always the case! After the loss of his father to suicide, ten-year-old Jimmy was so shy and insecure that he would begin to shake uncontrollably at the thought of getting up in front of people. Later, finding incredible power and comfort in the theater, he knew he must find a way to be on that stage. Jimmy combines his own life experiences and passions for education and inspiration through performance to effectively move audiences to a new level of personal motivation, professional proficiency, and achievement. Being orphaned at age 16, dealing with addiction, and literally running for his life in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jimmy has a tale unlike many others. Being faced with great tragedy and triumph, Jimmy's passion for motivating and inspiring others to reach and surpass their potential has become his personal mission. With a portfolio that includes: a Bachelors in communication, a Masters in Higher Education Administration, and professional experience as an actor in New York City, a top sales associate, a personal success teacher, and a university administrator, Jimmy sends the message of his story and life's lessons in a knowledgeable and powerful way. He is recognized by professionals around the country as a powerful speaker with a unique talent.
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