9 Things

I write this on 9.9.09 and it inspired me to think of 9 things I can do in or for 9 minutes to to improve my life or the life of others. Here is what I came up with. I came up with two lists, one sweet, one sour, just for kicks.

The sweet list:
1. Spend 9 extra minutes at the gym.
2. Meditate for at least 9 minutes a day.
3. Spend 9 minutes writing a letter to an old friend.
4. Spend 1 minute every hour for 9 hours taking deep cleansing breaths.
5. Park in a spot 9 minutes away from my office.
6. Spend 9 minutes playing with my dog henry.
7. Think of 9 ways to increse my income.
8. Think of a sincere compliment for 9 people I come in contact with today.
9. Write a quick blog entry. šŸ™‚

The sour list: (Just a bit of humor)
1. Prepare 9 meals in the Magic Bullet.
2. Walk to my office printer 14 times to find that it keeps printing the wrong direction.
3. Eat all 9 meals prepared on the magic bullet.
4. Watch 1/3 of a golden girls episode.
5. Wait for a meeting at work to start late, again.
6. Stalk 9 people on facebook.
7. Tweet about the 9 people I stalked on facebook.
8. Listen to my roommate talk about the annoying people at work.
9. Plan to teach my students using my socialist/nazi agenda.

Have an Amazing Day!


About achievemoore

Jimmy Moore is a unique, entertaining and truly life-changing professional speaker. But this wasn't always the case! After the loss of his father to suicide, ten-year-old Jimmy was so shy and insecure that he would begin to shake uncontrollably at the thought of getting up in front of people. Later, finding incredible power and comfort in the theater, he knew he must find a way to be on that stage. Jimmy combines his own life experiences and passions for education and inspiration through performance to effectively move audiences to a new level of personal motivation, professional proficiency, and achievement. Being orphaned at age 16, dealing with addiction, and literally running for his life in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jimmy has a tale unlike many others. Being faced with great tragedy and triumph, Jimmy's passion for motivating and inspiring others to reach and surpass their potential has become his personal mission. With a portfolio that includes: a Bachelors in communication, a Masters in Higher Education Administration, and professional experience as an actor in New York City, a top sales associate, a personal success teacher, and a university administrator, Jimmy sends the message of his story and life's lessons in a knowledgeable and powerful way. He is recognized by professionals around the country as a powerful speaker with a unique talent.
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3 Responses to 9 Things

  1. Jessica says:

    I find this very interseting because I would have never thought of anything like this. Taking nine minutes to do deep breathing or even meditate can be a good way to relieve stress. Also I liked the thought of the whole socialist/nazi agenda that you were talking about, even though you were joking it might be something funny for our class to experience.

  2. I love this idea! Next year on 10/10/10 I'm deffinately going to do something like this and include ways to help myself and help others have a better day! Getting excersize, giving compliments, and taking a breather every hour are great ideas. I need to do that stuff everyday, not just 10/10. I also want a magic bullet.

  3. I think that this is a brilliant idea. I really like the thoughts to just simply believe in having a lit of targets and then hoping to achieve them.I have my Freshmen bucket list, and actually am always looking forward to getting close and closer to achieving every single goal. I hope you reach them all, and now I'm off to get find my own show to host.

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