About Jimmy

America's College Success Coach

  • B.A. Communications, University of Central Florida ’01
  • M.Ed. Higher Education and Student Affairs, University of South Carolina ’04

Jimmy is a professional speaker, trainer, teacher, performer, author, producer who is often described as artsy, creative, funny and talented. This wasn’t always the case. After the loss of his father to suicide, ten-year-old Jimmy was so shy and insecure that he would begin to shake uncontrollably at the thought of getting up in front of people. Later, finding incredible power and comfort in the theater, he found a home and a way to express himself on stage. Jimmy combines his own life experiences and passions for education and inspiration through performance to effectively move audiences to a new level of personal motivation, professional proficiency, and achievement.

Being orphaned at age 16, dealing with addiction, and literally running for his life in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Jimmy has a story unlike many others. Being faced with great tragedy and finding triumph, he now uses his experience to inspire and educate others.

With professional experience as an actor in New York City, a top sales associate, a college success teacher, leadership faculty member, and a university administrator, Jimmy brings a unique set of talents to the platform.  He is an award-winning speaker recognized by professionals around the country as a powerful force with a unique talent and approach.

Jimmy Moore often dances or walks on tables while teaching freshmen how to "Conquer Your Campus" at Orientation.