About the Book

The college success book for EVERY college student!

a Real-Life Guide to College Success

This is a fun, useful and inspiring book for anyone in or about to enter college. Compiled from personal experience, research and others’ personal stories, this book is one of the most honest and practical success manual’s available. With a range of topics that most other books leave out, you get 128 pages full of tips, tricks, stories, motivation, inspiration and creative techniques to make the most out of your college experience.  Valuable for everyone from freshmen to seniors!

Contributing Editor: Michelle Krause

Michelle Krause is a lover of life and a collector of rare
experiences.  At the young age of 29, she has already collected quite a few moments. Michelle has tried her hand at playing music, learning languages,
learning photography and hiking the Andes Mountains.  Nonetheless, she continues
to search for her corner of the universe.  She has traveled across the globe and
has enjoyed sharing her collection of insights with her high school literature
students.  After six years of teaching, Michelle is now pursuing graduate
studies at Florida State University while teaching courses in public speaking.
When Michelle isn’t studying, she devotes time to her band, Keats’

Additional Contributors: Evan Frank, Matthew Sayti, Triscia Woodward, Dr. Steve Yacovelli, Gary Owens, Tim Ramnarine, Beth Hobart, Krista Cammack, Dr. Mini Wallace, Wendy Wisniewski.